Week 7: March 20-26

This mission, this mandate, this invitation to be the Jesus-people bringing the Jesus-life to all creation must flow from a community that actually lives the Jesus-life. We are invited to enter with Jesus into the places of great evil and pain and grief and brokenness around us, and bring love, and hope, and healing, and forgiveness, and grace… partnering with God to fulfill his mission of redeeming the world, overcoming evil with goodness, and restoring all creation. And so we follow along as joyful pilgrims waiting for, working toward, and hastening the day that will surely come, when the goodness and the glory of our amazing God will comprehensively cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.


There are a limited number of printed copies available each week for those who don’t prefer to access these daily reflections via email. We are making the each week of Lenten reflections available in pdf.